How To Find Low Traffic Money Making Opportunities For Your Free Blog

Building up high traffic takes time. Gaining the confidence of readers so that they become regular visitors to your site, takes time.

The same is true with any offline business. But we also know that virtually every offline business starts generating money even when it has very few prospects. Even when it is still very new in the marketplace. Why is it then that we have all come to meekly accept that it is okay for our online businesses to make zero dollars for years as we struggle to build up enough traffic to start generating cash?

Why don’t we believe that it is possible to start generating some significant revenue with our current low traffic, even as we continue to build up and work on increasing our traffic?

It is actually much easier than you think. A good place to start is by seeking low traffic money-making opportunities. Let me give you a few examples.

There are certain online programs that target low traffic sites. For instance there are web sites that sell links on behalf of clients and they recruit low traffic sites in this program. One particular site I know pays $5 for every link included in posts you make at virtually any low traffic blog. This $5 tends to add up very quickly because it takes less than a minute to place several links in a blog post.

The way to discover these opportunities is described in more detail in my special report but for now I can say that it is important to visit every high traffic online classified sites you know on a regular basis. However you must be very careful and alert all the time.

Free Online Money Making Ideas – 3 Free Online Money Making Ideas

There are many ways to make money online, many of them can be started for free. As you build up money from these free ideas you can then develop your business. Many of the most successful online marketers have done this and made a lot of money.

3 Free online money making ideas:

1. Free newsletter: list building is one of the most important aspects of your business and as such should be taken care of. A free newsletter will not cost you anything if you start with a free autoresponder. You can upgrade as soon as you can afford the paid service. People will sign up at your website and you will get a list of highly targeted leads, who will over time become your loyal customers. You will be surprised at how soon you can start to make money from these subscribers.

2. Free gifts like reports and e-books: set off a wildfire of viral marketing, by giving away free gifts. These can be reports and e-books on various popular topics . Grant resale rights and invite readers to give away the book. You will have a couple of links that visitors can either use to buy a product or subscribe to your list. As more and more of these e-books and reports are given away you will build up a steady stream of visitors by the power of viral marketing.

3. Affiliate programs: These are free to join and will be a great starting point for your business. Many wealthy marketers have started with free affiliate programs. At first you can start slowly with article distribution and your newsletter. Then as you build momentum you can develop your business.

List Building Secrets Are The Key To Success With Your Internet Money-Making Endeavours

One of the most important keys to success with any internet money-making system is to learn the list building secrets which successful internet marketers employ in their businesses. If you have watched any webinars on internet marketing, you will have heard successful online marketers say that most, if not all, of their income comes from the members of their lists. Knowing this fact it makes sense that you should begin by using their list building secrets to build your email list first – before you start promoting any products.

How To Build A List

Once you have chosen a profitable niche, you must then turn your attention to learning the skills to set up your list building system. The list building process involves setting up a system to capture the names and email addresses of people who are interested in your niche topic. So, how can you capture these details? We do this with a special type of one page website called a squeeze page. This one page website has a special form on it where visitors can enter their name and email addresses. In return the visitor receives a special, free report which contains information that they are looking for or will find useful. When visitors come to our squeeze page they can only do two things – either sign up to receive the free report ( in return for their details) or click away from the site.

Visitors who arrive at your squeeze page read the details of your free offer, and if they wish to have it, then enter their details on the form. As soon as they have done this they will be presented with a thank you page. This page thanks them for signing up and asks them to click a link in an email which has been sent to their address. At the same time the name and address of that visitor is added to the online marketer’s list with an autoresponder service. The autoresponder service is responsible for managing that list. When someone signs up on a form at a squeeze page, the autoresponder company is notified and they automatically send an email to the visitor asking them to confirm their details and giving their permission to receive emails from the online marketer.

The visitor then opens up their email service and clicks on the confirmation link in the email at which time they will be presented with another email or another link to access their free special report from a download page. This is the list building process which will enable you to collect a group of people who are interested in your niche topic and what you are doing.

As you can see, once you use these list building secrets you will be able to build up a database of prospective customers to whom you can then market related products and earn an income online by doing this.